Caregivers Arrive On Time

Recently, a gentleman called and informed us that his former home care company used undisciplined caregivers.  He was frustrated because his caregivers would arrive late, leave early and this company would not adjust his bill.  He wanted to know our policy and procedures on timeliness.

Adultcare Assistance Homecare has a culture of punctuality.  Our caregivers are required to arrive on time.  If the caregiver is running late due to unforeseen circumstances or needs to change the client’s schedule, then the on-call supervisor must be notified immediately.  We monitor when our caregivers are working through our investment in telephony tracking.  Telephony is like a time clock, the caregivers call into a toll-free number when they arrive and leave.  This system records both the time and location of the phone call.  If the caregiver does not arrive on time or leaves early, then their supervisor is notified.  Telephony has the added advantage of ensuring that our clients are not over charged.