Yesterday, a Sun City resident shared with our caregiver that he missed playing games with his friends.  This caregiver, whose birthday is today, decided to celebrate by bringing an apricot peach tart and a game of checkers.  Filling a void with happiness made this birthday special for the caregiver, the client and the client’s spouse.  Genuine elder care that meets hidden needs is what caregiving is all about.

Adultcare Assistance Homecare is continually improving through monthly paid classroom caregiver training.  Most other companies do NOT provide monthly training.  Many that claim monthly training programs have outsourced their training to online courses.  These online courses do not allow caregivers to learn from other caregivers.  We have found that this sharing of ideas has given Adultcare Assistance Caregivers a special touch that has made our in-home senior care the “Best of Arizona” for seven years.