Senior Activities | Cognitive Activities

After an Alzheimer’s or another dementia diagnosis, it is important to keep seniors actively engaged with life.  The best activities are often hobbies and interests that pleasured the past.  People with Alzheimer’s Disease, who remain active, may have less anxiety and irritability.

Popular Senior Activities in Phoenix Include:

(Some activities may need to be modified for safety and the stage of Alzheimer’s Disease)

  • Singing and listening to music
  • Arts and crafts including drawing, painting, and knitting
  • Gardening with a flower or herb box
  • Cooking and baking
  • Puzzles and games
  • Walking in a park or while shopping

Adultcare Assistance Homecare of Phoenix creates care plans for hourly/daily clients that include appropriate and engaging senior cognitive activities that make living with Alzheimer’s Disease more dignifying.