Respite Care | Respite Home Care

Do you remember hearing the phase “Put the oxygen mask on yourself first”?  This rule applies to more than just airplanes.  If you are a family caregiver and feeling overwhelmed, then you could be inadvertently providing sub-optimal care for your loved one.  Some studies have shown that family stress and depression increase the likelihood of a loved one being readmitted to the hospital.

The respite care, provided by Adultcare Assistance Homecare of Phoenix, is designed to release this family tension.  Some family members prefer to have a few hours each day to themselves while others enjoy having a few uninterrupted nights of sleep each week.  So, if you are taking in the deep breath of frustration, please remember to “Put the oxygen mask on yourself first!”

Senior Respite Care in Phoenix, AZ provides relief for family caregivers. Respite care is typically scheduled in advance but is also helpful in emergencies. Families can decide to use either in-home respite care or out-of-home respite services.

In-Home Respite Care is frequently chosen by families living in the Phoenix area. Respite caregivers learn the family routine and minimize the inconvenience of having an elderly person leave the home. In leaving the home, there could be more hassles with transportation and unfamiliar surroundings. Additionally, with a caregiver, there is one-on-one attention and the private caregiver can do many of the activities of the family caregiver such as medication reminders, diet-specific meal preparation, and incontinence care.

Out-of-the-Home Respite Services are a more affordable option for families working with a tight budget. Community centers, group homes, and adult daycare centers often have senior respite programs. These programs can also offer social interaction opportunities. These programs typically do NOT provide one-on-one care and limit the scope of their services and their availability. Most adult care respite services are only available during the day.