According to the Pew Research Center, a rapidly growing demographic enjoying social media are people age 65 and older. More than 2/3 of seniors say they go online, with Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter being their favorite websites.

As our aging population continues to adopt new technology, their comfort level with smartphones, tablets, and laptops is steadily increasing. If your senior is comfortable with technology and isn’t yet participating in the world of social media, here are a few reasons why they should join in.

How Social Media Can Benefit Your Senior Loved One

  • Social media keeps seniors connected with friends and family. With family members often scattered across the country, connecting is only a click away. Video chatting tools like FaceTime and Skype allow seniors to see family members and share life with them. The endless stream of photographs on Instagram keeps them connected to children, grandchildren, and former classmates.
  • Social media has health benefits. Studies have shown it helps reduce loneliness, isolation, and depressive symptoms. Researchers have also found that social media is mentally stimulating and satisfies senior’s basic social needs.
  • Social Media bridges the intergenerational gap. Some younger generations don’t think seniors can handle the new technology available. Seniors are proving them wrong when they show that they can post pictures and videos, and talk about the latest deal they found on Amazon. Social media is a big confidence booster for seniors.
  • Social media sparks new interests. Many seniors love learning about new and familiar topics, such as traveling, cooking, health, photography, gardening, etc. Discussion groups and forums are great places for seniors to learn and discuss their experiences.
  • Social media is a great source of news. Seniors mirror the general population when it comes to getting their information. They’ve replaced the newspaper with news feeds from Facebook and Twitter. They can get all kinds of updates from papers, magazines, local television channels, and the news wire services.

Concerns and Setup


If privacy is a concern, all of these platforms have privacy protection in place. You can set permission levels to protect your loved one, and they can choose who they allow to see their posts or pictures.

Social media keeps seniors connected with the world. If the senior in your life needs some assistance joining in and you’re not comfortable setting them up, don’t be afraid to ask a family member or friend.

Let Adultcare Assistance Homecare Help!


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