There’s something about socializing and being around others that makes us feel happy and fulfilled. For many seniors, loneliness sets in as close friends move away or pass on, and they find it difficult to meet other seniors and forge new friendships. Because of this, many seniors just stop trying to socialize.

Research has shown that seniors who socialize for just a few hours per day are happier, healthier, less depressed, and feel less stressed than those who don’t. With all of these benefits from socializing, many seniors still find it challenging to meet other seniors. They don’t know where to go and what to do about it.

Fortunately, there is a wide variety of places to go and things to do where seniors can meet other seniors, many of whom also wish to connect with people their own age. While COVID-19 restrictions have temporarily impacted some of these suggestions, here are few options keep in mind, especially for the future, when social interactions return to normal:

Community Senior Centers

Most cities, and even small towns, have a community center for seniors. They can take classes, exercise, play cards, or just enjoy a cup of coffee while talking with fellow seniors. Senior centers also have special events, like theme parties, dances, cookouts, movies, and more.

Fitness Classes for Seniors

Many health clubs and local gyms tailor exercise classes just for seniors. Yoga, Pilates, light weight training, cycling, and water aerobics classes are fun ways to keep seniors fit as they socialize.

Social Media

Though it can be intimidating for some at first, social media is a good way for seniors to engage with other seniors. It can be especially helpful if they’re homebound. You can help them set up a Facebook page and search for groups they’d like to part of. You can also set them up with family and old and new friends. If they’re not keen on joining Facebook, there are other social sites they may enjoy being part of.


There are many volunteer opportunities available for seniors, regardless of their fitness and activity levels. Active seniors can volunteer with organizations like Habitat for Humanity or help out in places like local parks where they can keep trails clear. If they’re not as mobile, they can volunteer in other ways, like helping out at the local library’s information desk or helping families at food pantries.

Faith-based Activities

Many places of worship make it easy for seniors to meet other seniors through groups that participate in activities or do volunteer work within the community. They also have social events and often have day trips or other social outings.

Continuing Education Classes

Many community colleges offer courses catering to seniors, making school fun again as they learn with other people their age. There are classes in painting, ceramics, cooking, gardening, and other fun activities. Many of the classes are free to seniors or heavily discounted. Check online and see what’s available.

Senior Trips

If they’re looking for a bit more adventure, seniors can sign up for a trip with either a local travel agency offering day trips or with organizations specializing in trips for people age 55 and older.

For the more fit and active seniors, rowing and hiking trips are also an option to consider. Some organizations specialize in these types of more active for the 55+ crowd.

Help Seniors Continue to Socialize

These are just some of the fun ways seniors can meet other seniors. Just because someone has attained senior status doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be out and about spending time with their peers and enjoying life. Share this list with the senior in your life and help them enjoy life more by sharing it with new senior friends.

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