During the latest Sun City Posse general membership meeting, one of our members really got it right about what it means to be a “volunteer.”

Sarah Davis, head of our Posse Election Committee, a duty officer and a member our Sun City Posse Color Guard, captured the very essence of volunteerism when she quoted Ivan Scheier, considered a leader in the field of volunteerism, who said volunteerism is, “Doing more than you have to because you want to, in a cause you consider good.”
Diana Graettinger
So get ready, because we at the Sun City Posse are getting ready to do more!

We are planning our annual Take-Back-Drugs Initiative and Shred-A -Thon Saturday, Oct. 26. The Shred-a-Thon will be 8-11 a.m., or until our two trucks are full; and the Take-Back-Drugs Initiative 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Again this year, it will be our volunteers who patrol the streets and take care of all of the administrative duties, who will donate even more of their time to make this day a success.

Paper and drugs will go hand-in-hand on that weekend as our members stand ready to collect unwanted paper, including decades old tax returns, and unused prescription drugs.

In the past few years since we started the Take-Back-Drugs Initiative, residents have dropped off thousands of bottles of unused and out-of-date drugs. Remember, this is the safe way to dispose of them! Throwing unused drugs in the trash or flushing them down the drain is both dangerous and harmful to our environment. As always, it is our job to be good stewards of our earth.

New Posse Sign

Also this year, our Take-Back-Drugs program is in cooperation with the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office and Sun City Posse’s National Take-Back Initiative. The program is also sponsored by the Arizona Drug Enforcement Agency.

But drugs are not the only items to be dropped off. Last year residents brought in enough unused paper to fill two trucks. So for those of you who are like me, and have records and bills that date back several years and are spilling over in our files and garages, here is your opportunity to do some spring cleaning and junk the junk. The event is sponsored by Adultcare Assistance, Keystone Capital Management Group and The Retirement Community Association.

So start collecting those unused items now, box them up or put them in trash bags and bring them to our headquarters, 10861 W. Sunland Drive. We are situated between Del Webb Boulevard and Agua Fria Drive.

While you are there, take a moment to say “thank you.” Remember, we are all volunteers.

Editor’s Note: Ms. Greattinger is Sun City Posse public information officer.