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Elderly Fall Prevention

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Fall Prevention Program Reduce the Chances of Injury Older Adult Falls Are More Serious 1 in 3 seniors (65 and older) falls every year 2 million seniors are treated in hospitals for fall-related injuries every year Hip fractures and brain injuries can impact the independence of older adults At least one-third of falls involve environmental hazards […]

Hospital to Home Program

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Hospitalization of yourself or a loved one can be overwhelming.  The details of moving from the hospital to home is probably not on your mind during the admission process.  Patients and their families feel a sense of relief and/or stress when they hear their doctor say, “You will be discharged today or tomorrow.  Do you [...]

Hospital Sitter Service

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Adamant About Care Hospital Sitters (also called "patient observers" or "hospital patient sitters") follow the direction of the nursing staff and call for assistance if problems arise. With hospital nurses averaging between 4-8 patients at a time, there may not be enough individual attention for patients that are feeling weak or experiencing delayed healing. Adultcare [...]

Alzheimer’s Disease Care

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Alzheimer's Disease Care is Managed by a Certified Dementia Practitioner. Alzheimer's Disease Care & Dementia Program includes but is not limited to: Maintaining a Safe Environment Turn off Appliances (stoves, space heaters, irons) Assist with household chores Watch for wandering Increasing Mental Awareness Plan outdoor time (walking, gardening, visiting friends) Go for a drive (run errands, doctor's [...]

Medication Reminders

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The most common reason that seniors do not take their medications as prescribed is because of forgetfulness. This is understandable because the average senior takes seven different medications every day. A professional caregiver can help keep track with medication reminders.

Companion Care

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As one ages, they may visit with friends and family less because of their lost ability to drive. For many seniors, losing daily touch with friends and family results in depression and isolation. A caregiver fills this gap providing a crucial link for seniors. Companion Care is an ideal solution for seniors who would otherwise spend most of the [...]

Senior Activities to Stay Alert

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After an Alzheimer’s or other dementia diagnosis, it is important to keep seniors actively engaged with life.  The best activities are often hobbies and interests that provided pleasure in the past.  People with Alzheimer’s Disease, who remain active, may have less anxiety and irritability. Popular Senior Activities Include: (Some activities may need to be modified [...]

Senior Shower Visits

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Bathing and grooming can be a very pleasant part of the day. After a bath or shower visit, seniors feel good, clean and relaxed. Additionally, the cleanliness of a shower visit makes our seniors feel better with more dignity.

Unfortunately, due to the multitude of unforgiving and slippery surfaces, bathrooms are very hazardous for seniors. More than one in three seniors over age 65 fall each year, and the National Institute on Aging says 80 percent of these falls are in the bathroom. If you need a little help with bathing yourself or someone else, then consider having a professional caregiver from Adultcare Assistance Homecare come to your home for a shower visit. They can make this job both easier and safer.

Senior Transportation

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The caregivers at Adultcare Assistance are committed to providing you independence. The loss of driving privileges is one of the most difficult adjustments for anyone. Many alternatives to driving are not senior friendly. Our caregivers are able to help you travel when and where you need to go.

Light Housekeeping for Seniors

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Living at home is more comfortable, organized and safe with light housekeeping for seniors.  We notice aging or disabled loved ones enjoying feelings of well being and even good health when our caregivers assist with light housekeeping.  Lingering germs on counter tops need to regularly disinfected to prevent potential illnesses from bacterial, fungal and viral [...]


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