Arizona Long Term Care System (ALTCS)

The Arizona Long Term Care System (ALTCS) is within Arizona State Medicaid program known as Arizona Health Care System (AHCCCS).  ALTCS is a good program for seniors needing government assistance.  The program is for individuals who are 65 or older, blind, or disabled and need ongoing services at a nursing facility level of care. Additionally, many Arizona Long Term Care System participants live in their own homes or an assisted living facility and receive needed in-home services.

ALTCS | Arizona Long Term Care System

Our clients typically do not qualify for ALTCS because for single applicants, countable resources cannot be more than $2,000. And, non-countable assets such as a home are subject to estate recovery. The estate recovery reimburses the government for ALTCS expenses incurred. As you can image, most affluent seniors and their families do not find these terms attractive.

So, we were faced with the decision. Do we try to substantially grow our business by accepting Arizona Long Term Care System? Or, do we focus on provide the highest level of care? Could you imagine a high end resort attempting to manage a budget motel with the same team? This would lead to a lack of quality focus and the high end resort would ultimately suffer. Likewise, we do not want to jeopardize the quality of care for our clients. Some of our private pay clients were previously with companies accepting ALTCS. These clients now enjoy their improved level of care and special treatment from Adultcare Assistance Homecare.

Voted "Best of Arizona" for 8 Years

Adultcare Assistance Homecare is trusted by Arizona. Prestigious recognition have included Business of the Year, Arizona Mature Workers Certification, Active Adult 50+ Program Award, A+ Better Business Bureau, and voted "Best of AZ" for 8 Years by Ranking Arizona.

Personalized Care Plan

Schedules and services are flexibly designed based on your home care needs. Clients can request caregivers by the day or as needed. Popular requests include 24 hour care, nights/weekends only and transportation to medical offices. Adultcare Assistance Homecare is happy to personalize your care to meet your needs.

Care Supervisor On Call 24/7

The senior care directors at Adultcare Assistance Homecare reduce family pressure by efficiently managing home care needs. The senior care management team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure clients are not left unattended, assist in sudden changes in care needs and provide family status updates.

Locally Owned, Arizona Focused (Not A Franchise)

National franchises have a different agenda than our locally owned, Arizona focused company. Adultcare Assistance Homecare partners with several Arizona senior organizations because we trust them and they trust us. Arizona does NOT regulate home care and many have difficultly understanding the impact on their family. Our owner, Krystal Wilkinson, is passionate about local home care and was recently selected as the President of the Arizona Chapter of the Home Care Association of America.

NO Long-Term Contracts

You can easily try our caregivers for a few hours and know the difference we make with no long-term commitments. Adultcare Assistance Homecare makes it easy to cancel home care services if you are not 100% satisfied.